About King Rugni Tower Conquest

King Rugni Tower Conquest is a tower defense game that involves defending against waves of incoming enemies, particularly fantasy monsters. The game challenges you to create a strong defense by strategically placing and upgrading your guard towers.

How to play King Rugni Tower Conquest

Here's a guide on how to play and the controls:

Game Concept:

  • In King Rugni Tower Conquest, you assume the role of a defender and must protect your territory from waves of oncoming enemy creatures, primarily fantasy monsters. Your objective is to strategically build and upgrade guard towers to fend off these enemies.

How to Play:

  1. Tower Placement: To defend your territory, you need to place guard towers along the enemy's path. Proper tower placement is crucial, as it allows your towers to attack and eliminate the approaching monsters.

  2. Upgrade Towers: As you progress through the game, you can earn resources that allow you to upgrade your guard towers. Upgrading towers enhances their power, range, and effectiveness in defeating monsters.

  3. Select Towers: Choose from a variety of different guard tower types, each with unique strengths and abilities. Select the most appropriate towers for each level, taking into account the types of monsters you'll be facing.

  4. Strategic Thinking: Success in King Rugni Tower Conquest depends on your strategic planning. You'll need to think critically about tower placement and upgrades to maximize your defense capabilities.

  5. Face Varied Enemies: The game offers a variety of fantasy monsters, each with different abilities and characteristics. Be prepared to face a range of enemy types, and adapt your strategy accordingly.

  6. Level Progression: The game includes multiple levels, each with increasing difficulty. Completing levels successfully unlocks new content and challenges.


  • The game controls are typically straightforward and user-friendly. You'll use touch controls on your mobile device or mouse controls on a computer to interact with the game. This involves selecting and placing guard towers, upgrading them, and making strategic decisions during gameplay.

Graphics and Platform:

  • King Rugni Tower Conquest features 2D graphics and is designed to be accessible on both mobile devices and computers, making it a versatile gaming experience.

If you enjoy tower defense games that require strategic thinking and planning to fend off waves of enemies, King Rugni Tower Conquest is worth a try. It provides a challenging and engaging experience as you protect your territory from fantasy monsters while enjoying its 2D graphics and accessibility across different platforms.