About Ninja Master

Ninja Master is a fast-paced and action-packed dice-rolling game where players take on the roles of skilled ninjas battling for supremacy. The game features intuitive gameplay, engaging mechanics, and a combination of offensive and defensive strategies to test players' reflexes, strategic thinking, and adaptability.

How to play Ninja Master


The objective of Ninja Master is to outmaneuver and outsmart your opponents by rolling dice, exchanging ninja and sword items, and constructing effective offensive and defensive strategies. The player with the fastest reflexes, most strategic planning, and ability to adapt to changing situations will emerge victorious.


  1. Game Setup: Each player receives a set of ninja and sword cards, representing their offensive and defensive capabilities. Players also receive nine dice.

  2. Dice Rolling: Players roll their dice simultaneously, determining their actions for the turn. Dice can result in punches, kicks, blocks, or sword attacks.

  3. Ninja and Sword Exchanges: Players can exchange ninja and sword cards during their turn, modifying their offensive and defensive strengths.

  4. Offensive Actions: Punches and kicks represent offensive actions that can damage opponents. Successful attacks can deplete an opponent's health points.

  5. Defensive Actions: Blocks and sword attacks represent defensive actions that can deflect or counter attacks. Successful defenses can protect a player's health points.

  6. Special Abilities: Certain ninja and sword cards possess special abilities that provide unique advantages, such as increased attack power, enhanced defense, or strategic manipulation of dice results.

  7. Elimination and Victory: When a player's health points reach zero, they are eliminated from the game. The last player standing emerges victorious.


  1. Dice Rolling: Physically roll the dice in your hands.

  2. Ninja and Sword Exchanges: Select the ninja and sword cards you wish to exchange from your hand and place them on the designated exchange area.

  3. Special Ability Activation: During your turn, declare the activation of any special abilities associated with your ninja or sword cards.


  1. Balance Offense and Defense: Don't neglect either your offensive or defensive capabilities. A balanced approach will enable you to withstand attacks and deliver powerful strikes.

  2. Adapt to Opponent Strategies: Observe your opponents' tactics and adjust your own accordingly. If an opponent focuses on offense, prioritize defense, and vice versa.

  3. Utilize Special Abilities Strategically: Carefully consider the timing and application of your special abilities. Use them to gain an advantage at critical moments or disrupt your opponents' plans.

  4. Maintain Composure and Reflexes: Ninja Master demands quick reflexes and adaptability. Stay calm, analyze the situation, and react swiftly to your opponents' actions.

  5. Practice and Experiment: With practice, you'll develop a deeper understanding of the game mechanics, refine your strategic thinking, and master the art of both offense and defense, becoming a formidable ninja master.