About Pinball Space

Pinball Space seems to be a pinball game with a classic arcade theme set in space. In this game, the objective is to launch the pinball into space and keep it bouncing, hitting various objects to earn points. Explore the developer's website or social media accounts for announcements, updates, and community interactions.

How to play Pinball Space

Here's a general guide on how you might expect to play such a game:

Game Concept:

  • Genre: Pinball Arcade.
  • Objective: Keep the pinball bouncing and hitting objects to earn points.


  • Flippers: Typically controlled by keyboard buttons (left and right arrow keys), mouse clicks, or taps on the screen (if it's a mobile game).
  • Launch: Launch the pinball into play using a designated button or mechanism (such as pulling back and releasing a plunger).

Gameplay Features:

  1. Bumpers and Obstacles: Expect various objects on the pinball table, such as bumpers, targets, and obstacles that contribute to your score when hit.
  2. Multipliers: Some pinball games have multipliers that increase your score when certain conditions are met.
  3. Ramps and Chutes: Explore ramps and chutes that can send the pinball to different parts of the playfield.
  4. Missions or Challenges: Some pinball games have specific missions or challenges to complete for additional points.


  • Timing is Key: Master the timing of flipping the flippers to keep the ball in play and hit specific targets.
  • Explore the Table: Pay attention to the layout of the pinball table and discover the best paths for scoring.
  • Use Features: Take advantage of any features or power-ups the game provides.