About Zombie Hunters Online

Zombie Hunters Arena is an online action game where you enter an arena filled with zombies, and it's a multiplayer game with other players present on the server. Your main goal is to eliminate as many players as possible and survive.

Zombie Hunters Arena

How to play Zombie Hunters Online

Here's a general guide on how to play and the typical controls for such a game:


  • "Zombie Hunters Arena" is set in an arena filled with zombies and other players. Your objective is to eliminate opponents and survive the zombie waves.


  • Controls may vary depending on the platform, but typical controls include:
    • Movement: Use the keyboard or controller inputs to move your character around the arena.
    • Aiming and Shooting: Aim your weapon using the mouse (on PC) or touchscreen controls (on mobile). Click to fire your weapon.
    • Picking Up Items: Approach items, such as first-aid kits or weapons, to pick them up automatically.
    • Weapon Upgrades: You can often upgrade your weapon as you progress through the game.
    • Map Exploration: Navigate through different maps as you play.
    • Portal Discovery: To finish the game, you must find a portal that can appear randomly anywhere on the map.


  • "Zombie Hunters Arena" is a multiplayer game, so you'll be facing other players in real-time gameplay.

Wave-Based Gameplay:

  • Enemies, including zombies, come in waves, allowing you to strategize and prepare for each wave.

Bonuses and Upgrades:

  • Collect bonuses such as first-aid kits and upgrade your weapons to enhance your combat abilities.


  • The game typically offers multiple maps to play on, each with its unique challenges and layout.


  • The primary objective is to survive and outlast other players.

Randomized Objectives:

  • The location of the portal, which you need to find to complete the game, can change from one playthrough to another.

Since "Zombie Hunters Arena" is an online multiplayer game, the specific controls and gameplay mechanics may be tailored to the platform and design of the game. To learn more about how to play and enjoy the game, consult in-game tutorials or guides provided by the game's developer or community. These resources should offer detailed information on how to navigate the game world and succeed in your mission.