About Black Stallion Cabaret

Have you ever heard about Black Stallion Cabaret? It is an exciting game where you have to protect the dancers as they travel through the country, performing in towns and earning rewards along the way. Your goal is to keep them safe from the monsters that roam the land, using weapons that you create and improve in your workshop.

In the main mode of the game, you'll spend your time merging items to increase their level and improve weapons, dancers, and the workshop. The battles are automatic, and you'll have 30 seconds to eliminate a squad of monsters before moving on to the next town.

The dancers are the stars of the game, and they'll give performances in each town, earning rewards and details for the train cars. With these details, you can buy new train cars and improve the current ones, making it easier to travel and protect the dancers.

The items you create in the workshop are crucial to your success in the game. By merging items and increasing their level, you'll earn more points while using them. You can use these items to improve weapons, dancers, and the workshop itself, giving you an edge in battle and helping you stay ahead of the monsters.

Defeating monster squads is essential to your progress in the game. You'll need to eliminate them to move on to the next town and earn more rewards. As you progress, you'll also collect carriage parts in the town, which you can use to level up your train. The number of parts you receive depends on the level of the dancers, so it's essential to keep them safe and well-trained.

Finally, the level of the workshop itself plays a crucial role in the game. It influences the maximum level of crafted items and the size of the warehouse, allowing you to store more items and increase your chances of success.

In "Black Stallion Cabaret," you'll have to use all your skills and strategy to protect the dancers and defeat the monsters. With a combination of crafting, battling, and performing, you'll travel across the country and become a legendary protector of the cabaret.

How to play Black Stallion Cabaret

Using Mouse