About Feudal Wars

Feudal Wars is described as a multiplayer browser-based real-time strategy (RTS) game inspired by Age of Empires. The game involves choosing from 12 different civilizations, collecting resources like gold and wood to build a base, and advancing through three unique ages. Players can train various military units, including cavalry, archers, and swordsmen, with the ultimate goal of destroying all enemy buildings to secure victory.

How to play Feudal Wars

Controls Guide:

As "Feudal Wars" is a browser-based game, the controls are likely to be primarily handled through mouse interactions and keyboard inputs.

  • Mouse:

    • Use the mouse to navigate menus, select units, build structures, and interact with the game environment.
  • Keyboard:

    • Keyboard inputs may be used for certain commands or shortcuts within the game.

How to Play:

  1. Civilization Selection:

    • Choose from 12 different civilizations, each with its unique characteristics.
  2. Resource Collection:

    • Collect resources, such as gold and wood, to build and expand your base.
  3. Ages Advancement:

    • Advance through three distinct ages, unlocking new technologies and units as you progress.
  4. Military Training:

    • Train a variety of military units, including cavalry, archers, and swordsmen, to form a powerful army.
  5. Base Building:

    • Construct buildings to fortify your base and unlock additional capabilities.
  6. Objective:

    • Destroy all enemy buildings to secure victory.


  • Resource Management:

    • Efficiently manage your resources to ensure a steady progression through the ages.
  • Strategic Planning:

    • Formulate a strategic plan for unit composition, base layout, and overall gameplay.
  • Adapt to Opponent:

    • Adapt your strategy based on the civilization and tactics of your opponents.
  • Team Collaboration:

    • If the game supports multiplayer, collaborate with teammates to achieve common objectives.