About Might And Magic Armies

Might & Magic Armies is a strategic battle game where your goal is to recruit soldiers and mythical heroes to lead your army to victory. The game involves navigating the map, collecting helmets to add soldiers to your army, and strategizing to defeat other armies.

How to play Might And Magic Armies

Here's a guide on how to play:

Game Objective:

  • In Might & Magic Armies, your primary objective is to build a formidable army by recruiting soldiers and mythical heroes. With your army, you'll engage in strategic battles to defeat other armies and secure victory.


  • The controls for Might & Magic Armies are simple and intuitive. You'll navigate the game using your mouse or a similar pointing device.

How to Play:

  1. Recruit Soldiers: Your main hero is your primary character on the map. Move your hero around the map to collect helmets. The helmets represent the soldiers you can recruit.

    • Small Bronze Helmets: These are worth 200 soldiers.
    • Large Silver Helmets: These are worth 1,000 soldiers.
    • Big Golden Helmets: These are worth 5,000 soldiers.
  2. Build Your Army: As you collect helmets, your army's size and strength increase. The more helmets you collect, the more soldiers you can recruit.

  3. Strategic Movement: Use your strategic skills to navigate the map. You can choose to hide in forests to avoid enemy armies or charge ahead to confront them. The choice of your army's movement is crucial for success.

  4. Engage in Battles: When your army encounters another army on the map, a battle takes place. The outcome of battles depends on the size and strength of your army compared to the enemy's. Your goal is to defeat enemy armies to expand your territory and strengthen your position.

  5. Tactics and Strategy: Consider different tactical approaches. You may decide to confront enemy armies directly, fortify your position, or use various mythical heroes' special abilities to gain an advantage.

  6. Conquer the Map: The game unfolds as you explore and conquer the map, recruiting soldiers and mythical heroes and engaging in strategic battles.

  7. Victory: The ultimate objective is to defeat all enemy armies, conquer the entire map, and emerge as the victorious commander of Might & Magic Armies.


Might & Magic Armies is a strategy game that combines exploration, resource collection, army recruitment, and tactical battles. Your objective is to build a powerful army, control territories on the map, and outmaneuver and defeat other armies. The game requires careful planning and strategic thinking to achieve victory.

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter varying challenges, different terrain types, and opportunities to expand your army and enhance your strategic prowess. Might & Magic Armies provides an engaging experience for those who enjoy strategic warfare and mythical hero-led armies.