MNML.GG is a turn-based 1v1 strategy game in an abstract setting. Players build a unique team of 3 constructs from a range of skills and specialisations, then outplay their opponent across multiple rounds by adapting to an ever-shifting meta. In the Game Phase, players outwit and outplay their opponent by disabling their constructs, tricking them into wasting their abilities, boosting their own constructs' power, and finally wiping the other team out.

How to play MNML.GG

Here's a general guide on how turn-based strategy games typically work, including potential controls:

Controls Guide (Generic for Turn-Based Strategy Games):

  1. Team Building:

    • Assemble a team of three constructs from a variety of available skills and specializations. This is likely done in a pre-battle phase.
  2. Turn Order:

    • Turns are typically taken in a specific order. You may control one construct at a time during your turn.
  3. Movement:

    • Navigate your constructs on a grid-based map. Use arrow keys, WASD, or point-and-click controls to move them.
  4. Actions:

    • Each construct usually has a set of actions or abilities. These might include attacking, defending, using special skills, or supporting teammates.
  5. Targeting:

    • Select targets for your constructs' actions. This could involve clicking on an enemy or ally on the map.
  6. Strategy and Planning:

    • Plan your moves strategically. Consider the abilities of your constructs and the positioning of both your team and the opponent's team.
  7. Specializations and Skills:

    • Leverage the unique skills and specializations of your constructs. Some may excel at dealing damage, while others may have support or crowd-control abilities.
  8. Winning Conditions:

    • The goal is likely to defeat your opponent's constructs based on specific win conditions. This could be eliminating all enemy constructs or achieving other objectives.

How to Play (Generic for Turn-Based Strategy Games):

  1. Start a Match:

    • Begin a 1v1 match against another player.
  2. Team Selection:

    • Choose your team of three constructs, each with its own set of skills and specializations.
  3. Turn-Based Gameplay:

    • Take turns with your opponent, making strategic decisions for each of your constructs.
  4. Use Abilities:

    • Utilize the abilities and skills of your constructs strategically to gain an advantage.
  5. Adapt to Opponent:

    • Adapt your strategy based on your opponent's moves. Anticipate their actions and plan accordingly.
  6. Objective Completion:

    • Work toward completing the specified objectives for victory.
  7. Victory or Defeat:

    • The match ends when one player fulfills the victory conditions. Reflect on the match to improve your strategies for future games.