About Strike Tactics

Strike Tactics is a fast-paced real-time strategy (RTS) game that is available for free. In this game, players engage in classic RTS gameplay that involves resource management, base construction, offensive and defensive tactics, and conquering opponents. It's designed to provide an intense and competitive real-time strategy experience. Players must employ strategy and tactics to succeed in this dynamic and fast-paced RTS game. Conquer your opponents and emerge victorious in the world of "Strike Tactics."

How to play Strike Tactics

Here's a general guide on how to play:


  1. Objective: In "Strike Tactics," your main objective is to build a strong and efficient base, gather resources, and engage in strategic warfare to conquer your opponents. The game typically takes place in a real-time environment.

  2. Resource Management: Begin by harvesting resources, which can include minerals, energy, or other in-game currencies. These resources are essential for constructing buildings, training units, and researching technologies.

  3. Base Building: You'll need to construct buildings and structures that serve various purposes, such as resource collection, unit production, and defense. Plan your base layout strategically to optimize resource production and protection.

  4. Unit Production: Train military units, vehicles, or other combat assets to build your army. Different units may have distinct abilities and strengths, so it's important to diversify your forces for various combat situations.

  5. Research and Upgrades: Invest in technology research to unlock new unit types, abilities, and improvements. Upgrades can enhance the efficiency of your units and buildings.

  6. Combat: Engage in battles with AI or other players. Deploy your units strategically, make use of terrain and cover, and employ tactics to defeat your opponents. Victory often involves capturing key objectives or eliminating enemy forces.

  7. Defend Your Base: Along with offensive capabilities, it's crucial to establish defenses around your base to protect against enemy attacks. Defensive structures and units can deter and repel enemy incursions.


  • The specific controls for "Strike Tactics" will depend on the platform or version you're playing. In general, you'll use a combination of mouse and keyboard inputs to manage your base, deploy units, and navigate the game's interface.

  • Typically, you'll click to select units, buildings, or locations, and right-click to issue commands, such as moving units or attacking targets.

  • You'll also interact with menus and in-game interfaces to access your tech tree, build structures, and manage your army.

For precise controls and detailed instructions on how to play "Strike Tactics," it's recommended to explore the game on its official platform or source.

"Strike Tactics" provides an exciting and fast-paced RTS experience where you'll need to balance resource management, strategic base building, and tactical combat to defeat your opponents. Harvest resources, build a formidable army, and engage in thrilling battles in this free-to-play RTS game.